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Judi VanHorn
I've been at FCC for most of my life.  There was never a great "aha" moment in my faith journey; however, my faith has been strengthened by my association with the ministers and members through the years.  In  happy, sad, or stressful times, FCC members have always surrounded me with their love and support.  Besides the expected Biblical teachings, I have learned to discern my spiritual gifts and how to use them effectively in all aspects of my life.  My life without FCC would be so different, and not in a good way!

Brent and Annette Tarver
My wife was raised in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Tennessee and is the sixth generation of her family that is part of the denomination. I was raised Methodist. So when we were looking for a church as a young family, FCC was definitely on our radar.  After visiting a number of churches of different denominations in central Houston, we discovered that the minister of FCC had been a student at Rice University when we were (although we did not know him at Rice). That got us in the door, but what made us stay was the people.  At FCC we have discovered an extended family - extra grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for our children, and a support network for us as parents. FCC has also allowed us to  put our gifts and talents to work in a variety of ways, such as being a deacon, elder, board chairman, Sunday School teacher, Vacation Bible School director, and Building Committee Chairman.

Omar and Dora Ríos
Finding FCC has been a real blessing to us. One of the aspects of the church we enjoy greatly is the opportunity to be involved in missions in many different ways.  We feel inspired by the youth and young adults' enthusiasm to reach out to others, whether it is a short, yet intense bible school in Mexico, building homes for homeless families in Mexico, helping to support an orphanage in Mexico, or helping with projects in schools and hospitals in our local community. The motto of "bringing people into a vital relationship with Christ" is a reality we clearly see happening in the First Christian congregation.
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