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We invite people to join the church by a simple confession of faith: “We believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and accept him as Savior and Lord.”

What do I do?

If you are ready to make that confession, then come forward during the singing of the Response Song at the end of the service. There is a card in the back of the pews that you can fill out, which will help the pastor know your name(s) and your intentions.

What will happen?

Our pastor stands at the front and will receive you and introduce you to the congregation. You and the whole congregation will repeat the confession together in unison. This symbolizes our mutual commitment to each other—you are joining the church, but we are also joining with you, so we say the confession together.

Then What?

We would like to meet with you right after church, review a membership packet with you, and take a picture to share the good news!

What if I don’t like to be in front of people?

We understand. Everyone is different. We can simply recognize your desire to join and still do the confession together.

What if I’m not ready?

No worries. We are happy to meet with you and answer any questions you may have. We also hold regular meetings called a NeXt Conversation for people interested in joining the church, where with others you can hear more about the church and ask any questions you have. Contact the Pastor Dunn directly if you want to find out more about this:

What is a NeXt conversation?

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