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Let’s face it; we understand that being in college is a new and challenging time in someone’s life. Most of you have never been away from home before and you are going through multiple learning curves from doing your own laundry, developing new relationships, and understanding when to say when. Not to mention the pressure of passing your courses so that you can graduate and find a job.

First Christian Church offers a place for you to connect; to people, to a family, to God so that you can complete the most important course work of your life. Whether you grew up in church your whole life or haven't - FCC is a place for you.

We also have a exciting activities where friendships can grow.

Come see how you can connect with First Christian Church, develop your spiritual life, and Make a Difference.

There is a place for you to connect to First and use your gifts for God.

Our Pastor Dr. Michael Dunn is an Associate at Rice Univeristy's Duncan College.

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