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Measuring What Matters

2015-2016 Stewardship Emphasis

We are constantly being invited to see how we “measure up” in the world in which we live. Each time that happens, it is an opportunity to see what really matters to us. What is our yardstick? How do our values come in to play in determining what is most important and what doesn’t really matter at all? Is what we are investing our time, our energy and our resources in worthy of us and what we believe?

During the next few weeks, we will consider what ultimately matters to us and what has the longest lasting impact for “good” in our lives and in the world around us. We know that when the early church gathered, they did so with glad and generous hearts and that there was no need among them (Acts 2). We desire such a spirit to be among us.

Commitment Sunday will be a part of worship on November 8, 2015. Be intentional about being with us, not simply to offer your estimate of giving card and your time & talent pledge, but to join us for our Commitment Luncheon after worship.


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